Saturday, December 06, 2003

The Cousin

(Scene: Two men are standing by a river, city on the opposite side of it. A car is 30 metres behind them, and one of them are "playing" with a dog, using a trick-knife.)
- What the fuck are you doing, Don asked.
- What do you mean?
- I mean, look at the dog you're holding there, man! It's in pain.
- So?
- You're fucking sick, man, you know tha'?
(Reynold laughs then let the bleeding dog go. They both go into a metallic black Mercedes.)
- Did you hear what was going on the other day, over at Pauly's place?
(Reynold lights a Lucky Strike cigarette)
- No, what? (Inhales deeply)
- Well, the guys were playing poker when Ralphie's cousin, Tony, entered the place with a gun in his hands.
- What? What happened?
- Nothing happened, he just waved it around, he was fucked up, high you know.
- That fuckin' kid!
- Yeah. What an embarrasment to the family. I wonder wether Ralphie has intended to do something about it or not. These kinds of things lead to loss of authority on the streets, and it ruins the business in the long run.
- I kno'. When Julia's brother begun using smack I told him that if he continued with that shit, I'd have to wack him, even though he's the brother of my wife, my own family.
- Shit, man. These kids don't know the business, hard labor, man.
- I know.

(Scene: Two old men, about 70, dressed in grey coats old-fashioned style, both holding a walkingstick in their hands. They're sitting on a parkbench watching young, fit, women jog by. Sunny, but the trees above them keeps them pretty much in the shade. A fountain can be heard.)
- Harold, do you remember the old days?
(Harold grumps)
- Those were the days, huh? Chasing those titties all the time, any time at night. Now we can't even fucking get it up, if you know what I'm saying.
- Speak for yourself. (Looks at a couple of dogs fighting over a frisbee.)
- I mean it, Harold, we're getting old. We used to be kings in the game, remember, and now we're just a couple of old fools that the new dogs are obliged to respect.
- What do you mean? I can still do a hit, this condition doesn't tie me or anything! (Raising tone of voice.)
- I know, I know, but it's not necessary anymore. We - are not necessary, not as we used to be.

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