Thursday, November 17, 2005

Sunset showdown in the afternoon of pre-cognitive romance

Raise your banner and flag, seen such spectacles at the end of the solar system?
Why not lie in bed, when the sun sets each day?

But you're missing the point!
What golden medals of inquiry follows the path of man as he ventures forth into the night of ignorance. Seemingly unfit for the perilous realm of bureacratic systems made to tear him down. But misjudge not the wolf by its claws alone, misjudge its total essence in the second you grasp its fullness. Only then are you perplexed enough to see what you've overlooked. And thusly, sitting on the train reaching homewards, to the secure sofa cushions and homely fashionated television gameshows intruigingly fit for no purpouse but slothness, art thou seated next to the naked old man carefully wrapped in a wet blanket.
Obey not the sunset since in it are no rules.

What marvellous melodies do you not hear? Three negro spirituals alone filled my soul to the brim in oily happiness and self-satisfactory glee the very instant I crossed the trainstation floor and wept my way into the greyness of the underworld. Here we are together in the struggle, here we are joined in effort and forgiveness, only here are men men and hopes false hopes and misoury the rule of happiness. Show me any forest and I will proclaim your lie; have you inspected each tree? - My friend, the forest is your mind. Release, release, dig deeper and build again. The Zen is always mercifull to the ones who forsake it.

Rest assured, at the end of a fortnight, you are happy as a werewolf viciously living itself. IT IS THE ESSENCE.

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