Thursday, March 11, 2004

Fishes in the largest rainbows also take a dive

(this is as much as 65% stream-of-conciousness I'd say, in other words; GOLD, and all mistypes are consequences of physical weaknesses and government conspiracies)

- Do you believe in God?
- Fish! I do believe in fish! And I also like them. In the water, as you can see on National Geographic channel and the likes, they steam up and make for vast, animated silver in the broken rays of the sun. Coffe is also preferable, but not with fish; never with fish. Fish is, was and will be, kept away from Coffe.
- That is settled, then. Or?
- Now that I think about it, mocca and fish could be joined as mates in luxuoury. Those villagers never realized this when I lived among them.
- What do you mean, villagers of fish?
- No, no, no and no. Fish do not live in villages, they live in scattered huts and towers made by coral reefs. I know, you see, what I am talking about.
- And I do not, eh?
- Exactly. Alas; fish do not live in villages. But, about those villagers, what I was saying when you interrupted me -
- I'm sorry!
- Yes, yes. - was that they didn't know that mocca and fish would make for godlike tastes.
- All this talk about fish makes me want to see one.
- That is allright with me, I am merely squinting at the sun in order to drain some energy from the Universe, hence I really has nothing better to do than accompanying you. Let us go and look at fish, my friend.
[ by the sea ]
- It is wind today. Too bad. The waves makes me miss all the fish.
- Yes, it does, it does. Who cares? Really, I mean? Do your wife cares?
- I am not married.
- Don't change the subject! Does she care?
- I would prefer that she did.
- Nice. In France they have a saying, you know, about fish and women. They are both slippery. You should really try to get a grip of your wife, because I am sure she's slipping away from you.
- She is not.
- I thought you weren't married.
- I'm not.
- There you go.
[ up from the sea, into the city. Café ]
- Dreary, automated people with loose plastic hands extended by black suitcases have always struck me to be the number one consumer of instant coffe with or without caffeine. For later references, also see: waves struck by waves wears out businissmen.
- I totally agree with you. There is no other thing in the world I would like to do, than to jam the cafédoor, and laugh at their desperation as they stood on the outside, not getting in.
- You're completely loosing perspective, yet again, my friend. Don't you see that desperation does not occour to them as a reasonable response to their situation?
- What do you mean?
- These people can't despair! What would happen? I know, I know; a large group of this automatic machines would gather up like cars in a heap, and from the inside - from where we are sitting - it would be a large congregation of meat outside, human meat in a big, undistinctive, pink colourly with only one thing in mind: get in, get coffe.
- I see.
- No, you don't. The thoughts erupting, as brainwaves - and the Russians did quite nasty experiments on Liberian whales and seals concerning this - enters your mind from mine, they are somehow interrupted by your petty little lusts. Take that woman over there for instance.
- That one in red?
- The same. You would surly like to impregnate her as of right now, wouldn't you?
- Of course. There is a free, unchained stream of energy rapidly firing at her from my loins as we speek.
- Yes, you don't have to point out the obvious. That is exaggurating the point, killing it, spitting at it, raping it, then trying to - quite effortly, but hopelessly - to restore it to life, so you can have your way all over again. What I was trying to say was this: coffe and fish go together, as long as we're talking about mocca and cod, but women in red and automatic people are obvious hazards in the environment of the Café area premises.
- You are sure about this?
- Absolutely, as God himself was!
- So you do believe in God?
- Out of the question! God is not inside the question, he is out of it, hence resulting you to blame me for being a moralist. Do you believe? What an odd thing to say. I don't believe in believing, actually I despise people who do believe, not in God or green cucumbers, but at all! Do not believe, 'cause there is no belief.
- Which is supposed to make sense?
- Naturally, obviously, absolutely, fabolously.
- I see. How quite interesting.
- Yes, yes. Rapid firing at any priest from midrange using a colt automatic is no sin, it is simply against the Law. To define a crime we must at first have a crime to define. First there was the criminal, then came the law.
- I think not. First came the idea of a man which consequentually had become a criminal because of the abscence of a law, then they made the law.
- Must I kill you in order to underline your stupidity?
- Of course.
- Where was I?
- You've dealt with fish, women in red, mocca, codfish, automated people making for a pink ball of meat and last but not least the killing of a priest -
- Or a Preacher.
- Whatever you prefer.
- Now, under the sinklike stains of your imagination, do answer my question; do you actually - oh I forgot belief, we've ruled out belief! - think that law came after crime?
- This is obvious to me; man is without imagination. Look at that one with the shaking knee over there. He makes no interesting gestures allthough a dog is panting just beneath his coffe cup.
- He has, what do you call it in physics; potential energy?
- YES!! Potential energy! As imagination. But he chooses not to use it, hence he will not know of spilling coffe on the dog, making for quite an amusing story I might add, before someone has shown it to him or he - accidently - should find out the very unlimited strengths he, as we all were, was born with.
- Evolution is an accident, then?
- As simply as that.
- It is settled then.
- Yes.

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