Monday, October 29, 2007

By the eyes of the million

Nasty, I say Nasty, fornication with a half-hearted hog.
"Faster! Faster! Faster!" she screamed as we sent the acolytes down to watch television or tune in to the finer understanding of the Universe's total unity of which we presently took no official part.
"Listen, young lady," I said, hoping my loathe did not slip past the vocal guards, "If I go any faster now, we're gonna have a fire on our hands."
I looked deep into the piglet's eyes.
Thrust, as it were, by millions of tiny needle pricks picking down my wall of self-control and the flood thereafter, I gave her a rooster's length worth reckoning until her eyes bulged out like a deep water fish brought to the surface.
"Harder! Harder! Harder!" she screamed, and I did my very best, despite the shock waves of her blubber pushing me back; 'twas a nasty piece of tidal wave fornication; flesh and meat and sweat and shit.
It took a strong will to keep manhood standing high, and a full moon to hope I'd come out of it alive.

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