Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Poem Hooray

I'm all alone in my bed,
it's cold and the clock's ticking.
It is a lonely bed
And my roommate is fucking.

The librarian is away, to Berlin,
and in her place a couple with needs.
-- Now they're fucking too.

Through the panting, gasps, giggles and moans
I try to recall what I wrote Mill two years ago,
which is really hard.

And I cannot fall asleep, no,
I am still here, all alone.
And no one would waste a thought if I died right away.
They'd put me on the sour south row of unknown graves
And no one would come by with flowers.

All alone. Wet, dirty and cold,
Drunkards pissing on me Saturdays,
Oh what a pity,
Soil is wet and the coffin is leaky.

And Development would relocate the graves
To make way for new motorways,
And forget me there -- in the corner by the fence,
Kept forever awake under the highway.

Forever and a day,
Forever until Judgment day;
When everyone burns To Death, and the World's All Empty!
Except for me .. I'm still here..

Still all alone in my bed, still awake and still freezing.
Still a lonely fish in an empty sea,
And everything smells like fucking seaweed.
Even skeletons in my closet act like they don't know me.

Most of my family's far away, most of humanity's dead anyway.
And here I am; like a piss pot in a fairy tale.
Tomorrow is another day.

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